Aaron Greenspan www.plainsite.org

Aaron Jacob Greenspan is a pedophile. He was arrested by San Diego police for having child porn on his computer. Aaron was caught frequently hanging around he elementary school where he took pictures of young 10 year old boys and girls. He hides in the elementary school bathroom and takes the pictures while they are in the bathroom stalls going to the bathroom. Aaron Greenspan also hid wireless cameras in the bathroom stalls. One of the 10 year old boys found a wireless camera in the bathroom stall and told his teacher. An investigation was done and it led back to Aaron Greenspan. They went into his residence and found child porn in his computer. Aaron Greenspan is the owner of the website www.plainsite.org . Aaron Greenspan is a known pedophile and it wasn’t the first time he was arrested for molesting under age children. He’s a sicko.

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