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University of Phoenix gave me the poorest education and I regret that I took their courses. From 2008 through 2010 I took online courses for an Associates degree in Accounting with UOP. The prerequisites that were required were the only classes that I received good quality professor to student help with. Whenever I had trouble with any of these required classes all teachers would always answer my emails, return my phone calls, or text me with some help. I was very satisfied with the attention that I was receiving from them. Then when I began taking all my Accounting courses which were the classes I was majoring in everything changed.
The Accounting professors for whatever reason, were the complete opposite of the prerequisites ones. They never returned a phone call, and emails were answered days late after the assignments which I was having trouble with. They always seemed inconvenience whenever I reached out for their help. I literally barely ever got any help so I was forced to pay tutors to help me. I should have never had to if I had to pay these ridiculous overly priced student loans afterwards. I even purchase Accounting for dummies to help me understand. Was this right when the University of Phoenix professors should have been teaching and helping me?
The worst education I have ever received from any college I have ever attended. The only exception was the prerequisites. Professors they were very helpful and courteous, I hope they transferred to a better college to work at. Until this day I have not been able to land a job as a bookkeeper or any related career using my degree.

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