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University of Phoenix – I attended the University of Phoenix online for about 6…

I attended the University of Phoenix online for about 6 weeks. I have never become so frustrated in my life. I could not get my academic advisor on the phone for about 2 weeks. When I said I wanted to withdraw out of the course, she told me to just stay enrolled and get a D so financial aid would pay them; if I did not do that, then I wouldn’t get any student loans. It has been about 2 months and now I’m receiving $2,435 worth of debt from the Apollo Group. I’m going to consult an attorney. I don’t think I should have to pay them the whole balance of 2 classes for 6 weeks when I tried to withdraw the second week of class. I wouldn’t recommend this university to anyone. I’m not going to let them stop me from getting my education. I’m at the local community college and will be transferring into a university next year.

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