University Of Johannesburg

University Of Johannesburg – Blacking listing (cant find a job to pay you off)

I cant find a job because the University of Johannesburg has blocked me and blocked my life, how am I supposed to pay them back if they themselves have blocked my chances of having any form of income when it wasn’t even my fault but my dead parents fault that the account is not settled, Work agencies wont allow me because you have blacklisted me, where do I go, or even start since you have blocked every chance of me bettering my life. Everything is blocked I literally cant do anything because you have blacklisted me. What I don’t get is that you want your monies but have made sure that I wont be able to pay it, setting me up for failure. Is there anyone or lawyer that can help me because the same institution that is supposed to create a better future for me is, blocking me from having one. Please help ive run out of options

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