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Strayer University – I was attending classes on ground and online every week…

I was attending classes on ground and online every week. I was going by the Business Office to check on my financial aid status. I was told that everything was fine and later through the quarter, I received a letter stating that I owed for one of my course in the amount of about $1,300.00. I asked them about it and they said I was short of money and my financial aid money wasn’t going to cover one of my courses and if I want to continue taking 3 courses, I would have to pay. So the next quarter, they allowed me to sign up and I only took 2. I only started taking 3 classes when they told me that I had enough funds to do so. I have been fighting this problem for over a year and there has been a great turnover in the Business Office and no one has tried to help me.
Like I have told everyone there in that office, if I had the money to pay for my classes as I go, I would have. I had trust and confidence in the Business Office. Now that I had to take my last 3 classes at another University to complete my courses, I still can’t get a transcript nor my diploma because of an outstanding balance. I have gotten so stressed out over this and is very disappointed in Strayer and their employees not doing their job. So I’m the one suffering and have lost 4 jobs offers because I had no proof of my education. I think the school should just pay this balance so I can go on with my life with a job that’s in my field and try continuing my education. But I’m not planning on attending Strayer at this moment. I wish someone would see it from my point and help me.

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