Paypal – PAYPAL No security for your money. Aids sellers to commit fraud. This must stop!

I am disappointed in the ‘service’ provided by paypal. I tried to buy a prdouct from a website. I saw the paypal sign and felt reassured that whatever happened my money would be safe. Be warned your money is not necessarily safe. This company had been reported to paypal many times yet paypal FAILED to removed the paypal sign from the website. This company had already changed names once and the email address had been changed allowing them to remain registered with paypal. UNACCEPTABLE.
If a seller clears their account then you will receive no money from payapl.
You will haveto rely on your credit card for insurance. If you only have a debit card you will not get your money back.
Or if, loke me, you had not cleared your account from the last transaction then paypal will help themselves to teh money in your paypal account to pay for teh transaction and you will have absolutely no comeback whatsoever.
FYI This company have changed their name once again and AGAIN paypal are allowing them to use the paypal name to help them steal money from consumers. THIS NEEDS ADDRESSING AND MUST BE STOPPED
Susan c
United Kingdom

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