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Kaplan University – Get out while you are ahead… Kaplan University a total rip off.

Get out while you can. Kaplan University is a rip off.
Unfortunately I attended Kaplan University for 2 years, attentive graduation June/2011. Unfortunately I was expelled due to plagiarism charges which was a bad thing. I’ve never got to talk to anyone face to face, so it was like fighting a ghost. Anyway, that’s not the bad part.
I tried enrolling with another university to finish my degree. Had started clinicals and everything but didn’t get to finish. So I thought to myself I would go to another school to get my Associate Degree in Medical Assisting. And lo and behold, none of the classes that I’ve taken at Kaplan will not help you at all in passing the medical assistant exams.
I had 72 credits with only 20 to go before receiving my degree. They would only transfer 12 of those 72 credits. All of the time and effort that was put into this degree was a waste of time. Its a shame that Kaplan would do this. I have to start all over again.
But mine you I am financial debt of 27,000.00 for nothing.
Its a total rip off. So do your research before attending.

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