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The reason I enrolled in the pharmacy technician program was because I met the pharmtech director and he was very knowledgeable and seems to be very enthusiastic. Not only that, based on the students’ feedback, the director is actually the reason why the program is thriving. We all love him and his students are really raving about how he inspires and teaches in the classroom, but he left for some reason (s) that Kaplan seems to be flip-flopping.
Now, the instructor they replaced him is a big joke. She does not know anything about pharmacology and pharmacy math nor does she have basic teaching skills! We found out that she didn’t even go to pharmacy school herself. They got another instructor teaching pharmtech certification program and she is not even certified and also did not go to tech school!
Since our director left, this program is already a big mess. Most of the students now want to drop out because we are not learning anything at all. I am paying $15,000 to sit in a classroom where my instructor is very sarcastic and acts like a total Gestapo, a totally stark contrast over my former instructor! Now, all the students in the white module do not want to take pharmacy anymore.
Oh also, the new extern coordinator does not know where to place the externs! What a joke! When the former director was here, he always places the students and gets them hired too! That’s why I enrolled in the program. I also hear a lot of complaints about the career services. They don’t do anything to help place graduates. What I know as a fact is that our former program director was the one placing the tech grads to work, not career services.
The best thing that ever happened to Kaplan Vista was our former director, and now that he’s gone, this school has gone down the dumps. Now, everyone here is really stupid! I am now going to be stuck with a $15,000 student loan for nothing, and I am now more scared than ever to go into my externship because I don’t know anything. All I know about pharmacy was from when I had our director as the instructor. When he left, all classroom learning stopped. I know it is hard to replace the likes of him but why replace him with someone so totally way out of his league? This only shows what Kaplan really is like! I give them 5 negative stars!

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