John Robert Powers

John Robert Powers – Jrp Baltimore is a scam

I enrolled my daughter in April 2009. I went to sign a contract for the school. When I arrived an agent (won’t mention names) was interested in her for Ipop. So he went on to explain what it was and how much it cost. It cost $8000.00 for 5 days at the event which was in Las Vegas. That is crazy. I told him I would talk to my husband I later called them and told them that we weren’t interested because it was too much money. Well the following month they charged me for something we aren’t even attending. They said they would refund me. They still haven’t yet. This has been since May 2009 and is still on going as of Sept. 2009. I do understand this is a school and your not guaranteed a job. But when I pay $3000.00 for classes and my daughter is sitting out and they open late and let out early. So many people do there auditions and some get call backs. Then you get a call back nothing else occurs. I just strongly urge others not to use this company and could go on and on about myself and others getting scammed from John Robert Powers Baltimore, Md

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