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Devry University – I am currently attending DeVry University – overall the…

I am currently attending DeVry University – overall the experience has been semi-satisfactory until last week when I finally found out that the course I withdrew from and replaced made me a 1/2 time student instead of full-time; therefore affecting my Financial Aid Awards and Grants. I received an email (signed) from my former Financial Aid Adviser (who is now, no longer with DeVry), and spoke to a NEW Financial Aid Advisor, who says “I” didn’t enroll full time therefore my status would go to 1/2 time and therefore affecting my Financial Aid. If I hadn’t have called, they would have NEVER told me this. I just hope that the reviews I read here aren’t any indication of the type of treatment I will receive down the road. I hate to change University’s again – and am appalled at reading some of the reviews; because the basic premise is “we just want to finish our education.” Not sure what to do going forward…

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