Ccorp – Carly Crutchfield, Carly Crutchfied is a cunning liar and will not give a refund on our money, she company is all smoke and mirrors

Scammer – We went to Carly Crutchfield seminar and some of my friends bought her 3 day property development course (Big Mistake) and she says on stage thats she gives a 100% refund and talks that up on stage just to sell more.
They didn’t even do the course because we all found out on the internet and from recent press, that she is just a scammer and a liar, and actually she is not a property developer at all, she is just a good cunning presenter that steals peoples money, she has done so many bad property deals and so many people has lost so much money, they all wanted there money back, she wouldn’t give it back to anyone that wants a refund.
So this just proves she is a liar and will do anything and say anything to take other peoples money!
Carly Crutchfield is a scammer!!

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