Dana Danae Baynes (Tolbert), Fort Hood, Texas

She a Soldier with 1st MED BDE @ 566th ASMC. Work as an X-ray tech Loves having sex with married men in her barracks room and passing along STDs. She gets lonely because her man is too busy working and trying to make a better life for them and saving for “her wedding”. So she needs someone to talk to and have random sex with. She’s a good person to sleep around with because she gives you head and let you hit her whenever and you can just leave, just tell her you love her and a sob story about stuff you’re going through in life, she keeps your secret, doesn’t ask for anything. So if you want a quick fix hit her up. Just use a condom cause like I said she will give you something. Her phone number is 267-880-9026. IG: queen_danae_

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