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Something Bleu Bridal Salon – Beware Bridal Dress Scam

Beware of what is really going on behind the 2004 Something Blue bridal went by another name known as Immortal Beloved Bridal, which is still owned and operated by the same owner Denise Eliopoulos. The boutique is inside an old historical building which makes it very interesting, and her dresses are beautiful. They make your remove your shoes before entering and they make you wear a big net over your head when trying on gowns, All these silly prodicals to protect her sample dresses from looking used.

The gown I had tried at the store did not have a label inside so I asked why and she stated that all the sample gowns labels are removed by her and that she does not give the name or style of the gowns. She told me that the gown would be a special order being made in FRance and I would have to give her a 50% deposit as down payment and at the final fitting she would reveal the name of the designer. It seems very odd however since I did love the unique style of the dress and I also did not have the time to shop around so I gave in, but knowing in the back of my mind that something was not right. After 3 months I went to pick up my dress and to my surprise the “Special order” dress from France still did not have the label inside of it. So again I asked why and this time Denise started to become annoyed and told me that she will give my the label at the last fitting. Bottomline she charged me full price for a “special order” from “FRance” and in reality she sold me the sample dress that was in the store the entire time. Coincedentally I also happen to be the same size as the sample dress. She noticed I caught on and decided to no longer take my calls or emails. Not only did she violate a my consumer right she also violated the Textile act. She was also reported to the Federal trade commission for her actions. I had my dress inspected by many bridal experts and all confirmed that the dress I purchased is a sample.

Many years have passed however I feel that I should use this experience to educate and empower brides to take their time and research a boutique, remember just because you see awards or good reviews this is all payed advertising. Second, go with your gut instinct, if it doesnt feel right just walk away. There are many reputable bridal stores out there who are honest. Lastly, take Your time You are worth it!

Don’t let the sales person pressure you into a purchase by making you feel that you will never find the same dress because that is a sales tactic and a big LIE. Good luck

Additional information about this complaint about Something Bleu Bridal Salon may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

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Offender: Something Bleu Bridal Salon
Country: USA State: New York City: Saratoga Springs
Address: 75 Woodlawn Ave
Phone: 5185840962
Category: Dating

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