Solis Productions

Solis Productions – Eddie Solis, Solis Productions failed to follow through with written committment and took a special day for the bride and turned it into a big dissappointment.

Solis productions was hired to perform the photography, videography and Dj for my Daughters wedding on Oct 22,2011. The DJ did a wonderful job and so did the photographers so we thought. One of the photographers (misplaced the film)?? So my daughter was without many many pictures. Once the wedding was over it took 7 months to receive the cd’s with Pictures and video. On the video only 1 disk was readable, 1 was completely blank and one the audio was not there. I contacted Eddie Solis and was told that the person doing the video disks was out of the country and did not when he would be back but was told that we were to get a 400.00 refund as of this date we have not received. Part of the contract was also to receive a wedding album of which we have not received either. Of course you can not get ahold of Eddie and if you leave him a message he does not call you back. We have obtained an attorney to retrieve back all the monies we paid him including attorney’s fees and court costs. We are hard working people and wanted our daughter to have the most beautiful memories of her special day. I noticed that on other posts, Eddie did ask for all monies to be paid in advance. I believe that people are more than willing to work with someone if they communicate and come through on thier committments and promises. I hear horror stories from other families that have had nightmares that ruined thier wedding day and you can never get those moments back EVER!!! I see also that Eddie is filing bankruptcy to protect himself. I feel that is a cowardly way out of your commitments Eddie!!!

Additional information about this complaint about Solis Productions may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

Contact information:
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Offender: Solis Productions
Country: USA State: Florida City: Windermere
Address: 11072 Ledgement Lane
Category: Dating

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