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Royal Caribbean – Royal Romance Paid for a two hour reception for my daughter, received a one hour reception

We booked our daughters wedding through Royal Caribbean, Royal Romance. We paid almost $6,000 for a two hour reception, two hours of DJ services. The wedding was completely unorganized. Everything ran late. We paid $600 for the two hours of DJ services. He did not start playing until an hour into the reception at my insistance. They did not serve any food until an hour into the reception again at my insistance, at this time, the food was no longer hot. Everything was extremely rushed and very stressful! I would NEVER recommend anyone to use their services. When I called to complain, they refunded me $300 for one hour of the DJ. I should have been refunded half the price of the wedding! My daughters bouquet fell apart as soon as the ceremony was over and we left the room. It was a total disgrace! It was not a happy day at all. I shielded the bridal couple from all of the aggravation and took it all on myself. If I had to do it over, I would insist my daughter and son in law have their wedding elsewhere. It was not the beautiful wedding we were promised.
I made several attempts to contact Royal Caribbean directly and was told I had to deal with Royal Romance who, do not return calls. Very disrespectful! To top it off, my daughter and son in law cruise at least 3 times a year and are diamond members! I feel that Royal Romance is ruining Royal Caribbeans name and that they need to step in and take charge of situations like this!

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Offender: Royal Caribbean
Country: USA State: Florida City: Miami
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