– Not so elegant wedding dress! Ordered one thing, got another and they refuse to accept my return.

I purchased a wedding gown from What I received was nothing close to the dress I thought I was ordering. Per their return policy I sent them photos of the issues along with a list of problems see below:

There is a wad of fabric on the left hip where the material is bunched together so it looks like I have a large protuding left hip.

The empire waist line which is usually just below the breast line sits low on my natural waist like a belt would

The fabric is very poor quality with the lace being frayed on the sleeves and bodice

The fabric is supposed to be different on the top than what is on the lower part of the gown and they are exactly the same.

These are the main issues – forget that other than the basic silloutte the dress bares no resemblance to what I ordered.

This was thier response:


Thanks for your photos.

Personally I can understand your feelings right now. Hope you could understand that here are many factors affecting the fitness, such as your body shape, proportion and the fit of dress style. I am afraid that this causes some misunderstanding of our dress.
Each dress is made from scratch by our dressmakers after the order is placed. Well trained as they are, the difference in personal skills is still kind of inevitable. These slight difference may finally show in the completed dresses. Anyway, our dressmakers know very well what our designers want to express as they work under the same roof. They won’t do anything harmful to the original beauty. Please rest assured of that.
While we apologize for the buttons at the back of the dress. But it is still a nice dress as you can see, right? We are willing to offer an extra discount for your next shopping from us.
Thanks for your time and support.


I want everyone to know not to order from this company. The product is poor quality and the customer service is even worse. I have another another friend that just told me she went through them had the same problem and never got her money back. Now I have to buy another wedding dress and throw this one in trash. Very frustating!

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