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Dress Sale.com – Biggest scam artists! China

I just want to warn any future bride out there who is thinking about cutting corners and getting a wedding dress from Dress sale. DO NOT DO IT! It will be the biggest regret of your life. Take it from someone who just received her dress. I cannot even begin to describe how tacky this dress looks. It is NOTHING and i repeat NOTHING like the picture. IT IS SOOOOO TACKY! I cant believe i fell for this scam. The only thing i could salvage from all this mess is the bag i bought to store the dress in. At least i can store other dresses in it. Or the next dress I buy.

They took 3 months to make this mess of a dress. I would have made a dress for myself if i wanted a disaster. They dont have a customer care number. The representatives communicate via email and half the time they dont know what they are saying.

I now have to go find a new dress. I wish i hadnt spent any money on this stupid dress because i was trying to cut corners. Never again in my life. When the deal is too good. Think twice. This is a lesson that i dont want others out there to go through so read this and tell your friends too… Lets all avoid future heartache and dissapointment.

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Offender: Dress Sale.com
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