Divine Imagery

Divine Imagery – Liars, crooks, misleading Georgia

I signed up with them after talking with Aiyisha and her giving me a “Good Dea. L”She is the owner. They did the wedding and I thought everything was fine, we even let them do some pictures because we already had a photographer but they wanted some good pictures.

I was told after the wedding that durning the brides pictures Aiyisha was sitting in the brides chair more than half the time because she was lazy. It gets better. They go on break which is fine because we allowed it in the contract. They order Pizza and have a pizza guy deliver the food. We still think they were eating during the father daughter dance because we have yet to get footage.

After 2 months of bothering her about the video there is excuse after excuse of her printer being messed up and other things. Eventually we get the video and we are pumped. That didnt last long. The video starts off with the wrong wedding day which she advised me before and said she would send me a corrected video, which we never got. Then the video is blurry the entire time. Who ever was taping it was just moving every second of the wedding. Nothing and I mean nothing was still. The father daughter dance was not in video and groom and his mother were not.

We had an agreement before the contract all aknowledged what was to be taped and she said everything would be fine. Nothing was fine. You couldnt even see the bride walk down the isle. Some idiot was upstair filming and you cant even see the brides face. We bring all this to her attention and she said sorry and she would get all extra footage to us and not much we can do about blurry and shaky filming. 5 times she said she sent the video and it most have gotten lost. 5 times.

I never asked for money back I just want an updated video. We litterally have 100’s of texts and emails of her saying she is sending it and then someone died in the family and all kinds of stuff. So now I am threatening to sue her. Not for extra money but for the corrected video and any fees i accure. Still not one response. This is the kind of service you get from them. Terrible. Dont use them. They will take your money and take their time making a crappy video and fulfill their contract of sending it to you. But thats it.

Lets see if we get a response now. Probably will say they obeyed the contract but I have everything in writing of what was supposed to have been done and she agreed to it.

Additional information about this complaint about Divine Imagery may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

Contact information:
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Divine Imagery
Country: USA State: Oklahoma City: Atlanta
Address: 1755 The exchange SE
Phone: 4048444011
Site: facebook.com
Category: Dating

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