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Signed a contract with Vivint to have solar panels installed on roof. They came on Nov 2014 to install the panels.instead of using nippers to cut the shingles, they used a claw hammer to rip the shingles where the brackets need to go. Used a drill and drilled 30 holes and still could not find a stud to install the brackets. Used caulk to fill the holes. They carted off a bushel of broken shingles. But get this, when I wanted to go up on my own roof to look over their installation, I was told I couldn’t! My roof but I couldn’t come up and check out what all the noise was. Now we know why they didn’t want me to see the condition of my roof! They tore it all up.
Then their electricians “accidentally” took a heavy duty electric extension cord from us when they came out to do the hook up. The salesman gave us a 25.00 gift card, can’t fault the guy but that cord would cost 3 to 4 times that amount to replace… Failed the county inspection because of lack of stickers and pictures… Really! Took over 3 weeks to reschedule the county to reinspect. Then 3 more weeks for BG&E to change meter. Still waiting to be able to flip the switch and finally find out if we will save anything. Nov 2014 to present and still no solar. This company has too many excuses when you call. We understand that life events happen but no one person in a company should shoulder all of the work, and when a life event does happen, the company needs to have a backup plan in place.
Our advice to anyone looking to use Vivint is DON’T!!! Try Solar City, but make sure you read and have a lot of questions answered before you sign. Will update here when solar is turned on.

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Contact information:
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Offender: Vivint Sola
Country: USA State: Utah City: Lehi Zip: 84043
Address: 3301 North Thanksgiving Way
Category: Construction & Repair

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