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We received the message to update the phone. Upon doing so, the phone began to overheat. The battery was getting extremely hot and causing the phone to overheat, along with the battery life dieing. This in return caused a hairline crack at the TOP of the screen.
We went into the corporate store and as soon as we said the phone was overheating, the CSR said that it was a common problem that was being caused by the update. He said that something in the settings needed to be changed. It literally took less than a minute to change. The phone was not overheating anymore, but there was a hairline crack in the TOP of the screen from the overheated battery.
Two days later, when the phone died, we went to charge the phone and received a message on the screen stating “incompatible charger”. Odd as it was, we tried 3 other charges and kept getting the same message yesterday.
Today, we went back into the corporate store and the CSR said “odd because I had someone else come in yesterday with the same problem”. The overheated battery apparently causes the charging port to burn out which is located at the BOTTOM of the phone. So now, the overheated battery caused the crack in the TOP of the screen and the phone unchargable at the BOTTOM of the phone. However, the CSR said that we could purchase a charging pad because then the phone will charge, but we could never use the regular charges again.
Now, Samsung doesn’t give lender phones and it would take 9 to 11 business days to receive the phone back, repaired. Verizon said the warranty on the phone, even though the phone was still under warranty because it wasn’t a year old, was voided out because of the HAIRLINE CRACK IN THE TOP OF THE SCREEN, which was caused BY THE OVERHEATING BATTERY, which was caused by the UPDATE ON THE PHONE.
Now, after fighting for over 7 hours all day long, running up my minutes on my phone, and getting no where because of the crack on the phone, I finally had to pay the insurance copayment to replace the phone because I couldn’t have my son go without a phone for 9 to 11 business days because I am a cancer patient and need to get in touch with him in case of an emergency. Samsung doesn’t give out lender phones, Verizon wouldn’t cover it under the warranty, so I had to use my limited funds because I am on SSD to replace the phone so that my son could have it by tomorrow.
UNFAIR AND VERY DISAPPOINTING! I explained the situation about the phone being for emergency to Samsung and they told me they don’t send phones to consumers, only to businesses who order thousands at a time! Really? That is poor business because your phone, which was handled with care at all times and was in a protective case, overheated, cracked and the charging port fried. Now that is very poor business since it just cost me my co-payment for an update that was sent to the phone. Very upset!!!

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