Samsung – They won’t replace manufacturer problem after announcing the free replacement recall – SAMSUNG GALAXY S5

Samsung Doesn’t care about their customers AT ALL. They just want to take your money, and as much of it as they can. The Samsung Galaxy s5 has a recall because some of themost have a manufacturer Issue where every time you try to use your camera a pop up says service issue occurred. Restart camera. Samsung identified the problem and because it is a problem with the ROM and once it occurs it is permanently damaged. So I went to my carrier and they told me since my phone has tiny Crack in the corner they said samsung wouldnt replace it (I had a similar problem with my iPhone and apple replaced it and it had a cracked screen also). I have an iPhone ever since the first one came out, so I wanted t try something new, and then this happens and I have only had it like 3 months. I am definitely switching back to iPhone for sure, I am beyond disappointed in Samsung and will never buy anything from them again. They know 3/5 phones will have some sort of damage, and They say they will replace it if it has the probelms, knowing they won’t even have to replace half of them. I cannot wait to get my iPhone back

I talked to 3 people on the live chat and the first 2 people I talked to did not know what they were talking about. They even told me they had to go ask someone, and it was all questions I knew so they should have. At least 1 person knows somethin. 1/3 lol. I use to think Samsung was the 2nd best Next to Apple, and after having one for 3 months I see I was wrong. Now my opinion is that Samsung is honestly one of the worst cell phones there is. It only took a Couple months For them to for best to worst lol.

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