Samsung – Warranty voided

I recently sent in my Galaxy tablet to be fixed due to it constantly shutting off. I was first told that my warranty had expired. I clarified the purchase date and was then told there was a crack in the screen and that voided the warranty. I kindly explained that my device had no physical damage when I sent to in. I sent it to be fixed for one problem and it wasnt the screen. The lady tells me “unfortunately we can not tell when it was cracked. You will have to pay $149 for the screen to be fixed and the other issue. We do not do partial repairs and due to the warranty being voided we will not fix the device.” To me it seems as though they do not want to fix the issue I was having which is a common problem with those devices. So now I will be getting back the still broken tablet but now with a broken screen. This is not my first bad experience with Samsung. A few months ago I had to jump through hoops to get my TV fixed by them. They did the same thing and tried to come up with any reason they could as to why they weren’t responsible to fix it and wanted me to pay for the repairs. I have loved my Samsung products minus the issues here and there but after this experience I will not give them anymore of my business.

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