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Samsung should be ashamed of itself for selling crap. I am on my second Samsung Galaxy S3 and was told today I would have to get another one because there is another problem with the port not charging. I ended up getting a new one last year because the original one’s port would not charge without wiggling the charger. Because the manufacture’s warranty was still in affect they sent me a new one. (this was a bad experience because even though my contacts were transferred over, none of my messages, text or pictures were saved. I had pictures of my brother who I lost to colon cancer lost) So last week I thought I was having problems with my charger cord. So I got a brand new cord. Well it was not working so I took the phone & charger back to Verizon only to be told it was a port problem, and that I would have to file an insurance claim and pay a $99.00 deductible and I would receive the exact same phone again. I told them I did not want another defective Samsung Galaxy S3!!! I will never buy another Samsung Product!

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