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My wife and I woke up to find all of our toilets inside our home not flushing. My wife and I called my neighbor who works for a HVAC company and he stated that my main sewer line from basement to the city sewer system was clogged.
He told me to call a local plumbing company. This is where my wife and I made our 1st mistake.instead we had called Roto Rooter, from the Berlin, CT who sent out a technician named Scott Coutant, he confirmed what my HVAC neighbor stated, that my main sewer pipe from my property was blocked or clogged going out the city sewer system. He quoted the job at $ 411.95, which I though was price to high, but when you have no use of your plumbing system, I gave him the approval to complete the work.
He quickly unclogged my main sewer line and then stated that he would give us a Free Camera Inspection of our sewer line. During the inspection, the technician, Scott Coutant stated that our sewer line needed to be replaced as soon as possible. I was Quoted $ 8567.32 for the replacement of my allying sewer pipe. He stated that my sewer line would collapse in the near further, and we would be with out our plumbing system.
My wife and I told the technician that we are senior’s citizens and are on a very tight fixed income and would have to think about it. The technician left after we paid the $ 411.95 charge for his services. My neighbor saw the technician leave and came over to ask what the technician had found. I told him that he recommended us to have the sewer line replaced.
My neighbor stated that I should get 2nd opinion. So my wife and I called a 2nd plumbing company to complete a 2nd camera inspection of our sewer line. They came right out and completed the sewer line inspection and told my wife and I that there was nothing wrong with our sewer line. We watched the inspection and the technician gave us a flash drive with the inspection results.
The 2nd technician stated not to flush wipes down our sewer line and stated that there were no roots in our sewer line and stated that our sewer line pipe was in great condition! This left us more confused due to this contradicted what the Roto Rooter technician, Scott Coutant stated on the 1st sewer line inspection. My HVAC neighbor came over and called in a favor from his company and they sent out their plumber that does all their drain calls. Tim show up to our property and ask what was the problem at our home today.
I told him the about the two very different results with the inspection of my sewer line. Tim installed his company sewer line camera and found that my sewer line was cleaned and in great working condition. Tim ask who completed the inspection that stated my sewer line was about to collapse and I told him it was the technician from Roto Rooter, he smiled and then informed me that Scott Coutant is now the Owner of the Berlin, CT branch, Operated as an Independent Contractor for Roto Rooter. Doing business as DDB Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, LLC.
Scott Coutant pays fees to use the Name of the Roto Rooter Corporation of Cincinnati, Ohio. Roto Rooter gave Scott Coutant the Excavation equipment and needs to sell excavations weekly to keep his Equipment. So after doing some research, Mr. Scott Coutant has worked for Roto Rooter, Mr.
Rooter, Solvit, Rooter Express and now again with Roto Rooter doing business as DDB Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, LLC. Scott Coutant is well known in the State of Connecticut for selling misleading Excavation and preying on Senior’s Citizens threw out the State. Just call MDC like I did. Nothing good to say about Roto Rooter!!!
Roto Rooter Corporate gave DDB Plumbing & Drain Cleaning sewer line camera for all technicians that complete main sewer line cleaning. Scott Coutant has hired his brother, Christopher Coutant, a retired State of CT, Corrections Officer as the Excavation / Plumbing Manger, which he knows nothing about plumbing.
A note to the wise!!! Get a second opinion, or you will be Rip Off.

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