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RoseHill Auction – Scam, ripoff, crooks

I recently bought some appliances from RoseHill Auction. A guy I have know says they are priced well.
I bought a stainless steel fridge for $800. It ran well for about 2 months then the freezer would not keep its cool.
I called them and they said they have a one month warantee on apppliances. I recalled questioning the sales person on this when I bought the product and they replied that they give a one month guarantee because if it doesn’t break in one month it probably won’t.
I had to bite the bullet and get it fixed well I called a certified local repair guy… He asked me where I bought it, and I told him Rosehill. He told me that he would not fix it. I questioned why he would not and he told me that they buy them damaged and are not repaired by anyone certified to fix them.
The repairs end up costing more than it was purchased for originally. They also do the refurbishings with used parts that sit outside for months and are apt to break down quickly. He also said most are missing some sort of Canadian standards sticker, which is against the law, but I had no idea what that meant.
I called a few places local and a few had the same response but I finally got one to come out to my house. He told me that someone had put more freeon in because there was a tap in the line. I asked what that meant and he said the fridge was leaking and instead of fixing the evaporator, which was a common problem in the brand I had, they just recharged it. The recharge gave it an extra life of a couple of months exactly the time period that mine stopped freezing.
Because it was a fairly igh end fridge he told me he could fix it for about $400 but because I was running the compressor on little freeon that would have to be replaced and when he did both of these things he would warantee it for 10 years. The compressor cost me another $300 making the repait $700.
I looked the fridge up in the catalog at Sears and it retailed for $1700. Considering mine from Rosehill cost me $1500 in the end I would reccomend to buy new and get the warantee from a reputable seller.
If you buy from these guys expect a break down within the first year and costly repairs and you might have to search for someone that will actually fix it.
I went back to Rosehill and explained to the guy what had happened and he stuck to his one month warantee and that is why they sell it so cheap. I explained in the end mine was no cheaper than a new one… And his comment was well you should have bought a new one.
I was asking if the guys who worked on the merchandise was certified and if so could I see his credentials… He said this not something they have to provide and quickly got away from me and disappeared.
Their warantee might as well be a tail-light warantee… Because as soon as they cannot see your tail-lights they warantee is gone.
Their stuff might be cheap but you get exactly what you pay for… Junk.
fort erie, Ontario

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Offender: RoseHill Auction
Country: Canada State: Ontario City: Fort Erie
Address: Garrison Road Or Hwy 3
Category: Construction & Repair

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