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Pebble Pave – Pebble Pave Edenvale shocking service &workmanship

If you want pebble paving done, but sure NOT to use Pebble Pave in Edenvale. Firstly their phone is ALWAYS on voicemail. Eventually after 3 months and leaving a message saying that if they are interested in the business they must please phone me back. The lack of enthusiasm in responding should have been a warning sign not to use them. They had to resurface my bathroom floor which had pebble paving done approximately 10 years ago. The size of the bathroom is 26m2. They started the job on the 22nd. Arriving home they had planks everywhere. No communication from the company as to the removal or what that was for. After having to phone them, they arrived back on the 26th to remove the planks leaving all the areas where it was removed full of holes where the planks were in. These holes were not filled. Where the floor and shower meet, the floor is scew and some areas not covered. The steps leading into the bathroom was done at a 45 degree angle and not straight as was before. On the sides of the steps, the old floor is visible where the new pebbles were not covered onto the steps. No attempt from company to fix their mess.

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Offender: Pebble Pave
Country: South Africa State: All Country City: Edenvale
Category: Construction & Repair

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