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New Welco Furniture – Ripoff Bad customer service -don’t buy from this store

I bought a sofa bed and a love seat from this furniture store a while back. I thought I was getting a good deal until I found out that there would be future headaches that comes with the price.
First, when I bought the sofa, I was promised that they can deliver the sofa anytime which was really impressive. Only to find out that they use this as a sales pitch to get you to buy from them. I had to wait for 2 weeks before they delivered the sofa to me! The day the sofa was supposed to arrive didn’t come. I called the store but there was no answer. I was pissed, that I called them numerous times to get somebody to pick up the phone. When somebody finally did answer, they gave an excuse that the truck was involved in somewhat of a minor fender bender. Yeah right. I let it slide as I was promised that my sofa will be delivered the very next day. Again. No sofa came. As usual it was so hard to contact them and they gave another lame excuse. They promised me again that it will come the very next day. To make the long story short, when the sofa came, it wasn’t what I expected. The shade of brown that I chose from the store was different from what was delivered to me. Good thing, I brought home a swatch to ensure that I got the right order.
When I called them up to inform them about it, they were adamant/sure that it’s the color that I chose. He said that he will get back to me as he will call the supplier to verify. When they called me back, they said that the swatch that I chose in the store was a bit older color version than what the supplier has. Apparently, their colors gets slightly revised from time to short, the swatch that the store has is a bit older. At first, they did not believe me that there is a visible difference with the color. He even told me that he would send the supplier to ensure that the sofa and the swatch is almost the same. Again, I was promised three times, that the supplier is coming on this day to check on the sofa. But I was still waiting. When they finally came, the supplier admited that there was a slight change on the color but it’s not that obvious. Well, obvious for me to notice! Still, my point is that, I chose what I wanted from the store and that’s what I should get! It’s not my fault that they have the wrong patch to begin with!!! It is their responsibility to ensure that the customer is getting the correct product regardless if it’s been changed or not. When I talked to them about this and I asked to be compensated with the couch that I don’t like, Charan, who I was dealing with, suddenly changed his tone and said “I have been nice to you and now you are blaming me?” Hello, in the first place buddy, the customer is always right! It’s not my fault that you have the old patch and was not communicating clearly with your supplier with the inventory that you have! You don’t treat your customer like that. I was frustrated at him and was appalled at the way he was reacting with the situation that I burst into tears. I was soo pissed at the way he was treating me. He then promised me that he will give $200 dollars off from my sofa and will call me the next day.
So, did I ever get my $2oo dollars back..??? H*l no! To them, they already made a sale and that’s the end of that. They don’t have this satisfaction guarantee. They don’t even know what good customer service is.
I warn those who would want to buy from this company. If you think you have a lengthy patience, don’t care about customer service, and should something goes wrong with your order, you are willing to just let it go… Then this is the store for you.
If I only knew the headaches and stress I would get in dealing with this small time furniture store, I would have just bought from a known and reputable store where they take care of their customers.
Angry Consumer
Etobicoke, Ontario

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Offender: New Welco Furniture
Country: Canada State: Ontario City: Mississauga
Address: 1945 Dundas St. E
Phone: 9052060187
Category: Construction & Repair

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