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Front Point Security – Review from Bellevue, Washington

Avoid Front Point at all costs. I implemented their system in January 2013, and since that time my house has been broken into at least six times. Unfortunately, their system failed to report or even make a record of any of these break ins. Ironically, while Front Point’s equipment has consistently failed to identify and report actual break ins, as noted in many other complaints, their sensors do a great job when it comes to not functioning properly and submitting false information to the user and the police.
After the first unreported break in, I called Front Point in an attempt to obtain an explanation as to why their system didn’t work. That phone call was a waste of my time and sent my blood pressure through the roof. At first, Front Point insisted that their equipment was functioning properly and that there must have been a mistake made on my end. I told them that their was absolutely no mistake on my side and that just because none of their sensors went off didn’t mean my house wasn’t broken into and things stolen. I then asked the Front Point representative if it was possible that someone could have used an electronic jammer to bypass their system (there weren’t any obvious signs of a break in). The rep told me “no” and that they’d never had that happen before and that it would take military grade electronic equipment to do so (equipment that they claimed was too expensive for someone to buy and that couldn’t be obtained in the USA). I then tried to point out to the rep, and later her manager, that they were mistaken and that the jammer equipment was readily available (sold in the internet) and that the intruder must have picked the lock on my front door (which takes about 5-10 seconds to do… See Youtube).
Once again, my remarks fell on deaf ears. Apparently. The company had come up with a blanket response to any “jammer” allegations meaning there was nothing else to talk about other than cancelling my service and getting my money back.
Unfortunately, Front Point’s response to that request was pretty much on par with the rest of the conversation. This time I was told that what I was asking for was not possible because I had used their equipment for several months and because I still had time left on my contract and, there for, would have to pay an early termination fee. I then spoke with one of the higher ups and was told the best the could do was to cancel service and that they would waive the early termination fee. I should have taken them up on their offer, but I didn’t because I didn’t feel it was right for me to have to pay for equipment that didn’t work (I had several faulty sensor issues just as others have reported here) only to have to spend even more money to set up a new system with a more reliable company.
That was my first break in experience with Front Point. As I mentioned earlier, since then I’ve experienced at least five other break ins… None if which were ever identified or reported by Front Point’s system, as was the case with the first incident, in none of the subsequent break ins were there visible signs of how the intruder got in. Each door and window in my home is equipped with a sensor, and each window and sliding glass door has been fit with a piece of wood (each cut to the exact length needed to ensure the tightest possible fit) to prevent the window/door from being addition, both of my garage doors have been fit with large c-clamps to prevent the doors from short, the only possible way for the intruder to get into my house was through the front door, yet in roughly seven break ins… Front Point’s award winning security system has absolutely no record of the activity. Moreover, each time I have reported another break in I receive pretty much the same response denying that anyone has ever used jamming technology to bypass their system and insisting that all their sensors are functioning properly.
To make a long story short, my experience with Front Point has been terrible. They have told me that they keep records of sensor activity for at least two months, but when I asked them for the data I was told it wasn’t available. This seems to be another way Front Point avoids being held accountable for their systems’ failures. On both occasions that I have asked them to provide me with records of the sensor and alarm activity, they have told me the information I am seeking isn’t available… Making it nearly impossible for a consumer to “prove” that their system doesn’t work as they claim.
Bottom line, I look forward to the day in which I see that a class-action suit has been filed against Front Point so Zinc can join in. Better yet, if you are an attorney who handles these types if lawsuits send me an email at (combine these elements… All together without any periods, etc) “only” then the number four, then “flyfishing” at
Thanks for listening.
Bill Peacock
Update to original review
For those who have commented on my initial review, thankyou. I appreciate your time.
Hopefully you found my review helpful.
Several of the comments have suggested that the person (s) who have broken into my house probably know me. I absolutely suspect that is the case, which is precisely why I decided to put a security system in my house to begin with.
Other comments have suggested that the intruders know my passcode. While that is certainly possible, I don’t believe that is the problem.
Even if someone knew my passcode, the sensors on my door (or any window they may have used to enter my house) would have sent a signal to the control unit iin my house and to Frontpoint’s monitoring centet ndicating that the door or window was opened. That has not been the case.
Playing devil’s advocate, it is possible that the intruder obtained the password to my Frontpoint internet account and disabled my system online. Once again, that is not the cause of the problem, because even if that were the case Frontpoint’s monitoring system would have made note of the change and sent me an email accordingly.
Also, Frontpoint does not have any record of such changes being made nor have I ever received an email notifying me of a change that I didn’t make myself.
Long story short, there is still no reasonable explanation for the Frontpoint system to have absolutely no record of the break ins other than the intruder has been using jamming technology to defeat the system. Heck, even if I turned off the control unit before I left the house (which I have never done), Frontpoint would still have a record of my doing so and would have sent me an email. Need I say it… They don’t have record of sending me such a notification when my house has been broken into. Again playing devil’s advocate, I guess it’s possible that my experiences are due to communication failures between BOTH the sensors and the in-house control panel AND the control panel and Frontpoint’s main monitoring system.
However, it seems pretty far fetched to me that for the most part I would receive emails from Frontpoint when I opened and closed my doors and windows while at home or out of the house without incident, but that COINCIDENTLY I would not receive the emails when my house was broken into while I was gone. That simply doesn’t make any sense. If that were the case, then that would be even more reason to stay away from Frontpoint. Of couse I have shared all of this information with Frontpoint, and despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary (see my initial review in which I refer to tests conducted by a broadcasting station in Indianapolis), Frontpoint continues to stand by their claim—that their system has never been bypassed by jammers.
In fact, after posting my initial review I was contacted by the supervisor of Frontpoint’s Customer Service group under the pretense that he wanted to help me get resolution re: my experiences with their system. Ad had been the case in the past when dealing with Frontpoint’s Customer Service group, when he and I spoke on the phone he was more interested in having me prove that I had reported the problem to Frontpoint previously (which I was able to do) and getting as much money out of me as possible (knowing I wanted to cancel my service because their system isn’t reliable). He showed absolutely no interest whatsoever in following through on the promises that he made to me in a voice mail that he left me (after he failed to call me for a scheduled conversation) nor was he interested in following through on the pledges Frontpoint made in response to my initial “pissed off” complaint. Oh, and by the way, since writing my initial review (I believe in December 2014) my house has been broken into once again.
As has been the case in the past, Frontpoint has no record of the break summary, as I stated previously… Avoid frontpoint at all costs!

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Offender: Front Point Security
State: Washington City: Bellevue
Address: 1568 Spring Hill Road, Suite 100
Phone: 8776025276
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