Freight88 – Scams Carriers and Vendors

Here is PROOF of Shannon Steede’s Scams Massachusetts Bankruptcy Records are found here for download and review:
And proof of his deadbeat dad status (owes $80,000 in back child support) found here:
Shannon in review of these official public records, it has been discovered he accepted $27,000 in prepaid deposits from Jeff Barley of Keauhou, HI and then scammed him out of the money as documented on his bankruptcy paperwork. Walter Hill of Hill Oil Company Clemmons, NC was also scammed out of $1,030 in prepaid deposits as shown on Shannon Steede’s bankruptcy paperwork.
Here are a list of trucking companies scammed by Shannon Steede (call them for proof of his scams)
Scammed Bax Global $3,311.00
Scammed Central Transport Intl $2,067.00 Orleans District Court Case No 200626sc000356
Scammed Champion Logistics Group $30,000.00 Call P: 708-562-4200 WOW!!!
Scammed Clutch Cargo International $1,884.00 Call Phone: (708) 562-2800
Scammed Conquer Industries $14,945.00 Call Phone: 510-790-4880 Peggy Connolly
Scammed Incon Container $2100.00 (call at 1-800-377-3331)
Scammed Landstar Ranger $23,485.00 WOW (Call (800) 347-5623)
Scammed Matson Navigation Co $15,000 WOW (call 510-628-4000)
Scammed Oak Harbor Freight $6,077 Call (800) 858 8815)
Scammed Old Dominion Freight Line $3,569.00 Call (336) 889-5000
Scammed Roadway Express $5,961.00 Call 800-610-6500
Scammed UPS (United Parcel Service / UPS Freight) $3,500.00
Scammed Yellow Freight $3,209.00 Call 800-610-6500

Additional information about this complaint about Freight88 may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

Contact information:
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Freight88
State: Kansas City: Overland Park
Address: P. O. Box 206
Phone: 8669448819, 8669448819
Category: Construction & Repair

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