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I purchased my house under 3 years ago at which time Borer Beetle & Electrical issued a compliance certificate to the seller. At time of sale I am presented with a compliance list in excess of 20 items long by DOSS services. I accept legislation changes and wear & tear but I do not “buy” that more than 20 items can develop in less than three years – many items existed when I purchased the house.
The current compliance company (DOSS services really aren’t interested in my problems) and have “fobbed” me off in the direction of the previous compliance company (Borer Beetle & Electrical) who I have had no response from.
I will have to go ahead because the house is sold, and legislation requires that I have a certificate, but there is no point in legislating something if there is no accountability – I am in the middle and no-one cares about my issues – I JUST HAVE TO PAY.
There does not appear to be a body that one can complain to – I have tried that to.
At least I know what I will do next time – obtain a cheap ineffective compliance certificate because no-one is held accountable anyway.
This is just more “bull” in a country where the degeneration just continues.

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Offender: Doss Services
Country: United Kingdom State: United Kingdom City: Cape Town
Category: Construction & Repair

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