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Delta Building Products – Fin-All The Super Roof ripoff

We purchased this roof by contract on July 12,2001 and it was installed several months later. We had to have the installer correct some of the edging as it was very badly bent. We found lots of nails and pieces of metal in our plants and garden along the house. The installer was Ability Roofing, Inc. The oringinal contract had them placing a lien on the property for the contract amount of $14,494.00. We refinaced the house to pay this off and remove that lien. We were also told by John Joseph the salesman that he would be comming back in the next year to show off the roof to prospective buyers in Carson City area which we agreed to.
To this date that has not occurred. We have had no problems with the roof until this last snow & rain storm when we had water leaking from our kitchen ceiling light. We got out the papers and called Delta Building Products and found out that the number is disconnected. Then I called the installation contractor Ability Roofing and their phone number is now assigned to a private residence for the past year.
We do not know whom to contact to have the warranty repairs made to our roof before it becomes worse. We never knew that there was so much information about this company available until now. We would like to know whom to contact to pursue this mater. My wife and I are both retired on a fixed income and to put another roof on would cause bankruptcy since neither of us are in good health and with only a fixed income of $1345.00 a month which has to pay the mortgage, utilities, etc. It is not right to take advantage of an elderly couple as this company has done. I thank you for your reply.

Additional information about this complaint about Delta Building Products may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

Contact information:
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Delta Building Products
Country: Canada State: British Columbia City: Delta
Address: 1689 Cliveden Avenue
Phone: 6045258122
Category: Construction & Repair

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