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Creative Furniture Design – Ripoff: defective furniture, retailer denies all defects

March 13,2006
We have a complaint about the Paramount Furniture bedroom set 2300 that we purchased at the Creative Furniture Design on February 20,2006.
The retailer Mr. Fernando DeCarvalho had convinced us that the Paramount Furniture bedroom set is the quality product without any defects. We asked the retailer about the opportunity of resolving issues if any. Mr. Fernando DeCarvalho promised us to be responsive to all our possible needs and concerns about the product we were going to buy. We have warned the retailer about the second or refurbished furniture and we made it clear that we were going to buy only brand new bedroom set. Mr. DeCarvalho reassured us that he would satisfy all our requirements to the set. According to his arguments for choosing the Paramount Furniture because of its exceptional quality we decided to buy the Paramount bedroom set Style 2300, color Light Maple. The retailer assured us that he is one of the best and popular retailers in the area and all his clients are completely satisfied with goods and services he provides. And we decided to buy the bedroom set from this particular retailer and not to go to other furniture stores where we already had discussed the similar bedroom sets.
After two weeks on March 2,2006 the bedroom set was delivered to our apartment. Next day we started to open the cardboard boxes very carefully trying not to damage the furniture. We examined items one by one and here is the list of defects we found at first sight:
1. The left upper corner of the headboard was obviously hit and then there were attempts to mask it and put some substance on it. It’s very noticeable defect.
2. On both drawers of the bed box there are round shaped scratches.
3. On the upper panel of the hutch there is a dark stain that seems to be under the varnish that covers the furniture.
4. Double dresser has a big scratch on its left side surface that was masked by some material or substance but still it is quite evident.
5. The chest has defect on its upper surface that looks like a dent or a big scratch of irregular shape.
6. The right upper corner of the desk looks like it was previously hit or pulled through some rough surface. This item is mostly damaged item of the whole set.
7. The night table has visible chip on the front panel on one of the drawers.
The last eighth item the mirror has no defects.
The bedroom set does not look like brand new, not even close to it. Though, we wanted to purchase only a new bedroom set.
On March 6 we called Mr. DeCarvalho reporting about it. He suggested going to his store to discuss the issue. First, he tried to convince us that it were us who made all those defects when we were opening the cardboard boxes. Then Mr. DeCarvalho tried to make us believe that $1100 is not a big deal for the whole furniture set and we should be happy. The conversation ended by his attempts to distract our attention to the catalogues he has in the store to show us more expensive furniture. He had refused to refund our expenses and take the defective furniture back from our place or to replace it as he promised before.
On March 7 we contacted Mr. DeCarvalho in writing and sent him the registered letter about our suggestions of how to resolve this problem. Mr. DeCarvalho and his wife came to our apartment on March 10 to inspect all defective items: the headboard, chest, bed box, hutch, dresser, desk and night table. They have briefly surveyed the items. As a result they did not acknowledge that items listed above are defective except the chest which has dents on the upper panel. Mr. DeCarvalho and his wife have agreed that the chest is defective but they still did not want to replace it.
At the same time Mr. DeCarvalho had declared that this type of furniture can not be completely high-quality in contrast to solid wood furniture. This declaration is absolutely contrary to his assurance that he had provided to us just before we agreed to buy this particular furniture from his store.
We still like the design of this bedroom set, the color of the wood and handles and how they are combined. We just want to have the furniture that we have paid our money for. Mr. DeCarvalho recommended the Paramount Furniture manufacturer as an exceptional high-quality producer. We had trusted Mr. DeCarvalho because he told us that he was very experienced in resolving any customer’s issues and had only positive reports about the Paramount Furniture products.
So currently we are looking for all possible ways of resolving this problem. The bedroom set is in our apartment packed in original cardboard boxes and we are not going to use it. We are still very interested in the resolution of this issue and we greatly appreciate any assistance in this matter from the manufacturer of the furniture.
Thank you for the consideration of this letter.
Toronto, Ontario

Additional information about this complaint about Creative Furniture Design may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

Contact information:
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Offender: Creative Furniture Design
Country: Canada State: Ontario City: Toronto
Address: 226 Geary Av
Phone: 4165164749
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