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American Home Shield – Adios, American Home Shield

I had American Home Shield since 1997. During those years I needed them for various things, and they did what I paid them to do. They were fine, except the price for service calls kept going up and up and up. (Other warranty companies don’t charge as much.) And they seem to be slipping in the past few years.
But I went with another warranty company yesterday – AHS has gotten so bad I couldn’t take it one more time.
I had a drain pipe stoppage, and reported it as an emergency with secondary damage last Friday. My office was flooded, and the flooring in there is getting ruined. They sent me an email saying I would hear from the plumber “within 24 hours.” On Monday I still hadn’t heard, so I called the company and was told they would come for my emergency on Tuesday (Friday… Saturday… Sunday… Monday… Tuesday without being able to wash clothes or even dump the dishwater down the drain without flooding.)
I called American Home Shield to advise them I had indicated THIS WAS AN EMERGENCY, and got a woman with an attitude who told me that it was 24 BUSINESS hours, NOT 24 hours, and if I’d called instead of requesting service online I’d know that. (She really said that, and with a snippy tone.)
They sent a guy who claimed my pipe was “broken” and that I could call this other company who did “jetting” and would shoot teflon through the pipes to seal them. He didn’t have the equipment to run a camera through the pipes (Really? You come without the equipment to do the job?), but these guys did (Wow!). Jetting and teflon sounded unlikely, but I called this company and a guy came.
“What?” he said, when I asked about “jetting” and “teflon.” (It isn’t even a thing, apparently.) $250 later, he had located a blockage with his camera (“No, the pipe’s not broken.”) and showed me where it was. It was on the other side of the house from where the AHS-dispatched plumber told me it would be.
The AHS-dispatched plumber told AHS (but not me) that I had tree roots in my pipes. The guy I paid $250 to told me there were NO tree roots, and NO breakage and showed me the camera image all along the pipe. He was going to charge another $90 to fix the blockage, but I opted to save $15 by going back to AHS.
AHS doesn’t cover tree roots. Because that guy (the one who didn’t have a camera to probe the lines) told them I had tree roots, they wouldn’t send anyone else out to clear the blockage. At first they scheduled a service call, then canceled it WITHOUT TELLING ME because they don’t cover tree roots. I took off work and waited, and when nobody came I called and they said, “Our guy said you have tree roots. It doesn’t matter that your guy said you don’t. We take the word of OUR guy.” So they canceled the request and wouldn’t open another.
It is now Friday again, and I’m waiting for another plumber I’ll have to pay out of pocket.
I read some other reviews about people having a difficult time canceling with AHS, and nobody responded to my online request to cancel, so I went into my billing page and changed my credit card number to a used up gift card, and the site took it. (Yay.)
They didn’t offend me for about 10 years. Then they kind of did, more and more. But the good old days are long gone. I don’t even want them to address my complaint. I’m done. Adios, AHS.

Additional information about this complaint about American Home Shield may be obtained from the author.  The author has the choice of leaving additional contact information and further identifying the person or company complained of.  If the author provided the information, it could be found below:

Contact information:
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Offender: American Home Shield
State: Oklahoma City: Tulsa
Address: P. O. Box 849
Phone: 18007764663, 18008274636
Category: Construction & Repair

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