Adt – Poor security system. Different pricing advertised in different areas. Terrible software design.

First off, their customer support has a very poor understanding of their systems, there are many security flaws and on their website they advertise $27.99 a month but then sent a flier that charges $36.99
I had a break in as a result of all of these security flaws and having to deal with their customer service.
Their customer service reps don’t know anything about their systems giving me incorrect information. The security system is terribly designed as well.
You can’t set Armed Stay without a delay which gives 60 seconds. Another huge issue with this is the panel LOUDLY announcing this to a potential burglar. You can turn off the voice or turn it down. However, turning it off you only get a beep not telling you which entrance was opened. If you turn it down, then you can’t hear it from upstairs. The two volume controls need to be independent.
Next, compounding the issue with the Armed Stay, you can’t bypass a certain door or window without COMPLETELY disarming the system first. The customer service representative I talked to had no idea what she was talking about saying that’s how all systems work which was not true after looking around on Google.
Next, this means that if I wan’t to bypass the door to go outside and have a smoke, or check something in the garage, I have to disarm the system. So to do this without a potential burglar finding out, I can go up to the panel, change the volume, disarm, bypass and then rearm which gives them about 2 minutes to get in.

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Offender: Adt

Address: One Town Center Road
Category: Construction & Repair

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